This is a regular monthly column that will cover historical issues of interest to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The columns are provided by the Disciples of Christ Historical Society. The latest issue will be shown on this page and links to all of the back issues of this column can be found at the bottom of this page.

Back Issues Of This Column

January 14, 2009 Our Upper Room
December 17, 2008 A Message from Christmas Past
October 15, 2008 Anywhere with Jesus
September 17, 2008 A Mission Planted With Such Splendid Seed
August 14, 2008 You Are Changed
July 16, 2008 In Love With Two Words
June 13, 2008 A Faithful Voice
May 7, 2008 It's Only A Token
April 9, 2008 A Prescription For Missions
March 26, 2008 Our Capital Witness
February 2, 2008 Drummer To Bugle Blower
January 30, 2008 Creating A Polar Star


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Our Upper Room

A Message From Christmas

Anywhere With Jesus

A Mission Planted

You Are Changed

In Love With Two Words

A Faithful Voice

It's Only a Token

A Prescription For Missions

Our Capital Witness

Drummer To Bugle Blower

Creating a Polar Star

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