Homer L Coffey Aubrey Community Memorial Building

The First Christian Church of Aubrey has renovated and restored the original Aubrey Memorial Community Building on Main Street. The doors were reopened to the community on February 28, 2010 with a dedication ceremony and reception. The building was dedicated as the Homer L Coffey Aubrey Community Memorial Building in honor of the original founder. The Coffey House will be the short name. "We need to look to the future while remembering the past," said Mary Alice Reding, member of the First Christian Church of Aubrey and daughter of the founder."We need to look to the future while remembering the past," said Mary Alice Reding, member of the Aubrey Christian Church that now owns the building.

Coffey Building

Available to the Community for Use

For Coffey Building use and to reserve dates, call (940) 367-3591

Dedication of the Homer L Coffey Aubrey Community Memorial Building

February 28, 2010 - Peace be to this house, and all who gather here. Peace be to those who enter, and to those who go out. Peace be to those who love this house, and who love the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.





Reding's father Homer Coffey served as minister of the church at the time community members decided there was a need for a place to hold the Belew Cemetery Thanksgiving dinner fundraisers and other community events. Coffey served as minister from 1946 - 1960.

"This was his dream and project, but he wanted to stay in the background," said Reding.

Reding was President of the community building six member board when it dissolved due to lack of funds to make necessary code improvements after the opening of a new community building and library in Krugerville.

Aubrey Christian Church purchased the building back from the Belew Cemetery Association three years ago. The land already belonged to the church before the construction of the building.

Aubrey Christian Church's small congregation of less than 40 members voted to get the 1953 building up to city codes thanks in part to donation of a new heat and air system from Northway Christian Church in Dallas.

Northway sent 30 volunteers on Oct. 31 to work on the building as a mission outreach project. The First Christian Church in Denton also hosted a workday and paid for all the materials used. The Greater Disciple Church community donated cherry furniture for the building from the Juliette Fowler community.

Volunteers spent many workdays getting the building ready for inspection. Church volunteers removed old flooring due to safety reasons. The church will be hosting fundraisers to pay for new flooring. A garage sale and pancake breakfast 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. is set for Feb. 27 the day before the dedication. Donations may be mailed to First Christian Church, P.O. Box 93, Aubrey, TX. 76227.

"We think you will be surprised at the updated facilities," said Rev. Christal Fisher, pastor of Aubrey Christian Church.

" We see the reopened community building as dedicated to the needs of Aubrey and the local surrounding area. Our stated purpose for the remodeled space is for outreach, education, and other non-profit activities that reach out into the community. We hope that local non profit groups such as the girl scouts, boy scouts, and other youth and senior events will be interested in meeting in the building."

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Initial groundwork for the community building started with the Aubrey Christian Church granting the use of the vacant lot south of the present church building for erection of a community building to be used for the betterment of the community. May 14, 1953 an agreement with the Aubrey Christian Church was drafted to establish a community board to run the building fundraisers
"I think is wonderful how hard different churches worked to truly make it a community building, " said Reding's daughter Jean Burke.

A board of six members was elected as the community building committee. The board consisted of one member from the Methodist church, Assembly of God, Baptist church, Christian church, Belew Cemetery Association, and the Aubrey city council. The board of six held office for two year terms. Three members were elected, alternating the group every two years. The board was given the power to declare the building no longer needed with the building going to the Belew Cemetery Association and the land reverting to the Christian church.

The board made and enforced regulations concerning the used of the building.

Original First Christian Church board members were L. Hunn, L.O. Hunn, K. H. Irick, W.H. Reding and W.E. Druden.

Founding Aubrey Community building members were. Mrs. Maurine Bonar, Methodist Church, J. W. McNatt, Baptist Church; Rev. L.K. Helms, Assembly of God Church; Frank Miller, Aubrey City council; S. H. Hodges, Belew Cemetery Association and K.H. Irick, Christian Church.

"We people and our friends in and around Aubrey, Texas, representing the City, the Churches, and Belew Cemetery Association feel that there is a need for Community building here that would benefit all concerned," stated the original agreement. Community fundraisers and donations helped construct the 40 ft. by 60 ft. concrete tile, cement floor and metal roof with a 12 ft. by 30 ft kitchen attached. Estimated cost for the materials was listed at $2,500 according to the donation letter sent to community members.

The building was used for any purpose that benefited the community. Many civic organizations, churches and the Belew Cemetery Thanksgiving dinners were held at the building. Belew Cemetery now relies on donations for their upkeep. Most donations are mailed in but many are collected at Decoration Day the first Sunday in May.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was founded in the early 1800's in the United States. Seeking to move beyond denominational disagreements, the founders envisioned a united church of Jesus Christ modeled on the New Testament.

Today our nearly 3,800 congregations still share these characteristics:

  • Each congregation is self-governing and calls its own pastor.
  • Worship services may be formal or informal, and include laywomen and men in leadership.
  • Open discussion of issues is encouraged. Diversity of opinion is common.
  • Open communion table each week for all believers.
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