Disciples Congregation Finder and Church Mini-Sites

looking_for_church_180w.jpgOur congregation finder is a Web-based locator service that will search for all Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations within a radius that you specify. You simply enter your zip code and specify the radius you want to search. Our congregation finder will return a list of all of our churches within your specified radius and plot the locations on a map. The list and its map will be sorted by distance from the center of your zip code with the closest congregations shown first. Each congregation on the list is linked to its mini-site where you can learn more about each church, get addresses, telephone numbers, URLs, and and maps of the locatons to all of our churches.

We will not only help you find a church, we will help you find you way to a church! The mapping functions of our congregation finder includes the ability to produce detailed turn-by-turn driving directions to any of our churches from any location in the United States.

The congregation finder has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. The congregation finder is fully functional and is ready to use right now. To get started using the congregation finder, click here.

Please note that the mini-pages for each church in the North Texas Area are still in development; there is basic information for each church, but more is coming! To date, each church has at least a basic profile page with contact information and a driving directions page. Ultimately, this basic information wil be expanded to a much more informative mini-site.

Mini-Site Prototype

Click here to see what a completed mini-site will look like. Soon, similar mini-sites will be completed for every church in the North Texas Area.

The prototype uses Cental Christian Church of Dallas as the subject for an example mini-site.